sue fielding
colour passion

My work can be thought of the same way as music. It doesn’t tell a story but sets a scene with depth and layers. The paintings are rich with things happening at different levels of darkness and light. Some areas are intense, some calm. Nothing is obvious, allowing each person to de velop an individual interpretation.

My aim is to use vitality and colour to create responses on a physical and emotional level. The paintings are large, relating to the physicality of the viewer. Colour plays a crucial part in my paintings enabling a direct communication at a deep and intuitive level. I hope my work inspires people to live
and move more with their emotions and bodies.

Above all my work is an exploration; what it is to be human.

After completing a PhD at Cambridge and working as a physicist for some years, I now combine life as a working artist with sheep farming in North Wales. I’m  also completing an Honours degree in Fine Art.


Cefn Llwyd • Henllan • Denbigh • LL16 5DA • UK
T. 01745 816685 e.